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  1. The school will take all precautions necessary to prevent any untoward injury to the students. However the school will not be held responsible in situation beyond its control in the classroom and during activities such as sports and excursions.
  2. Information about any medical history of a child should be shared with the school and if required stock of medication to be given in case of an emergency to be kept in the school clinic.
  3. A child returning to school after suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should produce a fitness certificate from a doctor Students suffering from any one of the following disease must observe the prescribed period of quarantine before returning to class.
  1. Chicken pox - till complete falling of scabs .
  2. Measles - two week after rash disappears
  3. Mumps - until the swelling subsides
  4. Whooping cough - six weeks
  5. Jaundice - six weeks

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